Book Covers and Book Wraps

In the business of publishing and promoting books, book covers, or book wraps as they are often called, are one of the most important marketing tools for a writer to use. Book covers, as well as book jackets, are especially important when an author is self-publishing his or her first book, or when the author is changing the format and style of the book to make it more marketable in the marketplace. It is important to understand the importance of book covers, book jackets, and other marketing materials so that the author who is embarking on this venture will be able to take full advantage of the marketing tools at his or her disposal. When an author is not using traditional media, such as press releases, book reviews, interviews, and display ads, there may be little to no opportunity to utilize these types of marketing tools.

For one thing, the book cover is a virtual picture of the book itself cardboard boxes. This is the image that customers and potential readers are seeing before they have even opened the book. A book cover alone is worth hundreds of dollars in hardcover retail. When a writer uses book jacket images, which are generally stock photos available from the Internet, he or she is using one of the most powerful marketing tools available. Without good book covers, the book can easily lose circulation and sales.

Book covers also allow authors to set the stage for their book tour. Once the book has been written, the author’s only chance to show the world what he or she is capable of writing is by having the book wrapped and sold. Having book covers printed can be worth millions in profit, depending on the quality of the image and copy. There are a variety of ways that authors can go about designing book covers, but there are also a number of book cover design software packages that can help the author. Authors should choose the program that best suits their needs, which may depend on the specific genre of the book and the overall design concept that the author is trying to create postal boxes.

One way to use book jackets to market a book is to simply put the book jacket image on the front cover and include a few lines about what the author thinks of the book’s prospects. The author can include his or her contact information, as well as a brief description of the plot and characters. Some authors will leave off the author’s information, but for those who are self-published, it is often necessary to include at least some information about who wrote the book so that interested parties can get in touch with the author.

Another way that authors can market their books without using book covers is to have book inserts inserted into magazines. These book inserts will usually list the various titles that have been ordered by readers of the magazines. The book inserts will provide inside details about the book, including character descriptions, plot outlines and detailed layouts of each scene in the book. Although the magazines may charge per copy purchased, many professional book editors will allow the author to submit several copies of a book to a magazine for publication, eliminating the cost of printing a single book jacket.

The most important thing to remember about book jackets and book wraps is that they are marketing tools used to bring awareness to books before they ever see a public display. It is the job of the author to send a clear message to interested parties that they have written something that people will enjoy. Even if the book has been in print for many years, a new writer needs to do something to attract interest in their latest creation. The savvy author can market a book without spending thousands of dollars on advertising.